Sunday, April 22, 2012

app-cm-nightlies update

A lot have been downloading my simple cyanogenmod changelog application, it was deployed to market in about 2 days when someone sends an email asking if i could add x device to the list.

Given the nature of i couldn't pull the device list directly from the site and had to hardcode and distribute a static list of devices with the application, later i discovered that the whole site's source code was available at github. Nice, i just added the functionality my self.

tonky pulled my merge request and i just updated the application to automatically refresh devices as they are added by the cyanogenmod community, Cool :)


  1. I would love to see the HP Touchpad come up in the list, but it's missing. Device name is tenderloin. Any chance it can be added?

  2. As long as its not on the list at - its not in the app. You'll easily be able to add it though

  3. Can you add an option to hide translations in the change log like on the website?