Sunday, April 22, 2012

app-cm-nightlies update

A lot have been downloading my simple cyanogenmod changelog application, it was deployed to market in about 2 days when someone sends an email asking if i could add x device to the list.

Given the nature of i couldn't pull the device list directly from the site and had to hardcode and distribute a static list of devices with the application, later i discovered that the whole site's source code was available at github. Nice, i just added the functionality my self.

tonky pulled my merge request and i just updated the application to automatically refresh devices as they are added by the cyanogenmod community, Cool :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Historien om en kop kaffe

Sørme om ikke Statoil har opdateret deres app, så den ikke længere gemmer antallet af købte kopper kaffe direkte i telefonen, men i stedet gemmer et unikt device id. 

Gad vide hvor de fik den ide fra? ;)

Deres gamle backedUpPreferences.xml:

Deres nye backedUpPreferences.xml: